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Head Start is a Federal program that promotes the school readiness of children from birth to age five. Lewis County Head Start is funded to serve 104.

Head Start provides early childhood development services to children and families, with special emphasis on promoting school readiness in the areas of language and cognitive development, early reading, science and mathematics, social skills and physical development. During weekly Early Head Start home visits, staff work with families to provide child development experiences. Parents are encouraged as they use their home environment to support their child’s development. Monthly small group opportunities are provided for parents and children to socialize and play together. Children with disabilities make up at least 10% of the program’s enrollment. At least 90% of children enrolled must be from families who meet the income guidelines.

Head Start (HS)

offers a 10 month full day classroom in 3 school districts, Lowville Academy, Beaver River and South Lewis. Lewis County children may attend preschool class in the Lowville, Beaver river or South Lewis.

Early Head Start (EHS)
Home Based

offers a 12 month program for families with children under the age of three and expectant families.

Early Head Start (EHS)
Center Based

offers a 12 month classroom for 18-36 month old children.

Lewis County Head Start/Early Head Start…

  • is based on the philosophy that the entire family, as well as the community, must be involved in the education of young children.

  • is designed to maximize the strengths and unique experiences of each child.

  • operates in licensed facilities located in Beaver Falls, Lowville, and Lyons Falls, with office located in Lowville. Also serving Harrisville and Copenhagen school districts.

  • is federally funded through the Department of Health and Human Services.

  • is licensed by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services.

  • is incorporated under the State Education Department.

  • is an equal opportunity employer.

  • does not discriminate because of sex, race, color, creed or disabling condition.

  • Lewis County Head Start is funded to serve 104 children/expectant families


  • The Education plan provides an enrichment program for all children and promotes school readiness in partnership with parents and the community.

  • Children are provided with a variety of learning experiences using both the Creative Curriculum and Growing Great Kids Curriculum.

  • Parents and staff work together to develop an individual education plan for each child.

  • Children with disabilities are integrated into the regular program and receive related services on site.


The program promotes preventive health services and early intervention. All children must have up-to-date immunizations and a complete physical. Dental exams are required for children ages 2 to 5. Children receive vision, hearing, speech, language and developmental screenings.

Mental Health

The program supports awareness and understanding of mental wellness, and provides for early identification and intervention when concerns about a child may interfere with a child’s development.  A Mental Health Consultant provides services to children and families on a regular basis.


Free meals (breakfast, lunch and a snack) are prepared from fresh foods. Children eat family style at tables in small groups with at least one adult.  Children are encouraged to serve themselves, pass dishes and pour their own milk.

Parent, Family and Community Engagement

Positive Solutions for Families Curriculum is used as staff work in partnership with parents. The curriculum supports positive and effective parenting, which in turn promotes children’s social and emotional development.  The program focuses on the total wellbeing of the child and the entire family.  Information on community services, resources and advocacy for families is provided.  Family wellbeing is recognized as a predictor of positive child outcomes and impacts children’s school readiness. Parents are offered an opportunity to become directly involved in the education of their children.  They are encouraged to volunteer in a planning and advisory capacity and can work directly with children.  School readiness goals are developed for children in partnership with parents. Research has shown that children whose parents become directly involved in the program receive the most lasting benefits from their Head Start experience.  The program supports children and families as they transition to new learning experiences and environments, and focuses on the transition to kindergarten.


Transportation for Head Start children who are four years old and attend class is provided by the local school districts.  Head Start may also assist parents with transportation needs for dental and medical appointments and Head Start activities.